Rain, Heat and Humidity Pack a Powerful Punch

I have some downtime this week while on vacation so I’m reflecting back on my hair journey the last 6 months or so. I started a new job this past April so blogging has taken a backseat to the other things that I had going on. I’m remembering back to this past summer and the challenges that I faced. On a couple of occasions in particular, my straight hair didn’t stand a chance against the rain, heat and humidity. I’ll share a couple of humorous episodes from July and August and include a couple of pics on my ‘Photos’ page (2013.07.11 and 2013.08.31).

Here’s a recap of the first humorous episode from this past July. I was wearing my hair straight (probably a bad idea for a naturalista in the South in July LOL). It was not raining when I went to work that day. I was working from one of the company’s other facilities, not my home office, for a project team meeting. Since our team is rarely all in one place, we decided to head out as a team for lunch to take advantage of everyone being in the same place. It was not raining when we went to lunch but it did look like an overcast day. The restaurant was crowded and the only table that could accommodate our large group was on the covered patio. I thought nothing of the location of the table until after it started to rain while we were seated and I casually reached up and touched my hair towards the end of my meal. I could tell from the texture that ‘something’ had changed. It certainly didn’t feel like it did when I left home that morning. We ended the meeting shortly after lunch and I headed home. I decided to snap a few pics of the transformation – quit amazing. All I could do was laugh.

The second humorous episode that I recall from this past summer happened on August 31st. Again, I foolishly was wearing my hair in a straight style in August in the South. We decided to head out to dinner at P.F. Chang’s on this particular rainy Saturday evening. There were people waiting to be seated but surprisingly they seated our small party of two very quickly. The real surprise was that the hostess led us through the restaurant to a covered (including clear plastic surrounding the sides) outdoor seating area. There were several people seated in this area that I didn’t even know existed. I knew this location meant trouble for my hair but decided not to request an indoor table at that time since it would likely be a long wait. An important lesson was learned…always ask for an indoor table on rainy days, a covered outdoor seating area will not suffice. I could feel the impact throughout dinner and snapped a pic when I returned home that evening. Again, all I could do was laugh.

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