Nude Lipstick

I’m following up on the ‘Don’t Forget the Face’ post that I shared back in July.  I did get around to trying one of the M·A·C nude lipsticks that was mentioned in the article.  I remembered that M·A·C offers a free lipstick as part of the ‘Back to M·A·C Program’ when you return used products in their original packaging.  Although I have purchased M·A·C products for years and saved the old packages with the intention of returning them to get free lipstick, I never did until a few months ago.  I returned six old/used M·A·C containers and received a free lipstick.  I decided to try the ‘TOUCH’ shade that was mentioned in the article.  I really like it. I throw it on to give my lips a little extra when I don’t feel like being bothered with a lip liner and gloss.  Next, I plan to return six more used items and hopefully try the ‘COSMO’ shade.

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