Not Too Bad

Hi Folks! I wanted to share my recent success story with natural hair and hopefully provide a few words of encouragement. I attended a gala a few weeks ago. As usual, hair was one of the first thoughts that came to mind when I found out about the event. What will I do with my hair? Followed by what will I wear? In that order lol. My plan was to flat iron my hair for the event. I knew that I had my faithful wig as a backup if we had bad weather on the day of the event. I went all out for the event – applied semi-permanent color to my hair to give it some pop. I must say that I was satisfied with the end result. I washed, colored, pressed and flat-ironed the night before the event. I wrapped my hair overnight and used the curling iron the next day to bend the ends before heading out the event. The timing of the event worked out well since I was attending a super bowl party the next day. My hair held up for the super bowl party as well. That was a rare and successful weekend for me 🙂

Check out my pics from February 1, 2014 to see the results.

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