Eyeliner That’s Not Too Expensive

Hi Folks!

Wanted to take a couple of minutes to provide a quick review of an eyeliner that I tried for the first time today.  A little background…for years, I’ve purchased the department store gel eyeliners that you apply with a brush.  The problem I always run into is that the gel eyeliner dries out long before I’ve used much of the product.  I usually purchase it for an upcoming event but it eventually dries out before my next event rolls around….ugh.

Anywho, I finally sat down the other day and read a couple of reviews from some reliable beauty bloggers and came up with what I think will be a winner.  The product is Eye Studio® Master Precise™ Ink Pen Eyeliner by MAYBELLINE.  I purchased it today for about $6 and immediately applied it – I was very pleased with the application.  The package states 12hr wear so hopefully this one works out.  I’d much rather spend $6 than $20+ periodically so keeping my fingers crossed that this one works out.  I will be monitoring the application for the remainder of the day to see if it smudges, etc but so far, so good.

Update 9/25/2014
Sooooo…I tend to forget that I have extremely sensitive skin. My eyes became VERY irritated after using the new product a few times. Took me a while to figure out what was going on. Initially thought my allergies were kicking in then realized it was the new product that I was applying to my eyelids. I ended up purchasing Opcon-A® eye drops as well as applying some of my eczema med cream to my eyelids to calm things down.
Oh well, at least I gave it a try. Went a few weeks without applying any eye makeup after my reaction to the new product. This past week, started back on my department store gel eye liner that is dried out. No allergic reaction so maybe if the product drying out is all that I have to worry about, it’s not so bad after all LOL.

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