Two Strand Twists Too Soon

Like most people who are new to the transition, I was very eager to get started.  I spent way too many hours online watching YouTube tutorials and reading blogs on transitioning and natural hair styles.  I took very detailed notes about various products and techniques.  Being a newbie, I rushed out and purchased several products that I read about online and received pretty good reviews.  After a couple of weeks, I felt that I was armed with enough information to give it a try.  One of the most popular transitioning hair styles seems to be the two strand twist out.  After watching numerous demos, I tried the two strand twist out around week #8.

Let’s just say with mostly permed hair and only a small amount of new growth, this outcome wasn’t exactly what I expected.  The look did not have nearly the volume that I was expecting.  There are a few reasons that the look wasn’t too full – for starters I applied too much product to each section trying to ‘straighten’ hair that was already straight from the perm.  I ended up wearing the two strand twist out as an updo hairstyle.  I have grown to like this look so now when I do the two strand twist out, I always wear it in an updo that way thickness is not an issue with the hair still being mostly permed.

I’ll let you know when I think the hair is ‘natural enough’ for a real two strand twist out.

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