Roller Sets and Pin Curls

After realizing around weeks 8 – 10 that two strand twist outs would not be the main go-to hairstyle for me for quite some time (see post titled ‘Two Strand Twists Too Soon’), I went back to the web to research other transitioning hairstyle options.  After pouring through many posts and YouTube demos, it became apparent that many making the transition opt for roller sets to make life a little simpler.  It makes sense – going with a curly hair style that does not require a lot of manipulation reduces the amount of potential breakage when the two different hair textures meet.

Having been a roller set/doobie wrap girl for years, roller setting my hair was no problem.  The first few roller sets between weeks 10 and12 were a piece of cake. It was just like working with 100% relaxed hair.  After a few weeks of roller setting my hair, I noticed that my hair in the back portion of my head was very tangled when wet.  The tangled hair occurrence now seems to be present with each washing.  This results in a pretty long detangling process and also a fair amount of hair being combed out during the detangling process.  I’m not too concerned at this point about the amount of hair that I am combing out when detangling the wet hair.  Since the roller set hairstyle requires minimal manipulation during the week, not too much hair sheds on a daily basis.  I think that I’ve read that it’s normal to lose 50-100 strands a day so I figure you each shed then daily or with each washing is all the same.

I have been pleasantly surprised with the results each week when I do the roller sets.  Most people who know that I am transitioning are shocked that the new growth isn’t noticeable and the hairstyle look about the same as it did before I started transitioning.  One of the tips that I learned from other YouTubers and bloggers is that you can use bobby pins to pin curl transitioning hair overnight.  The pin curls give my hair a lot of body and I have lots of curls the day after doing a roller set.  In the past, I would wrap my relaxed hair at night after doing a roller set.  The next morning, most of curls would be gone and I would have more of a wavy bob hairstyle rather than a curly hairstyle.

I’m not sure how long the roller sets and pin curls are going to work for me but I’m going to rock it until I can’t rock it anymore.  (I plan to post some pics of the roller set outcomes along the way)

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