Stepping Up The Makeup and Accessories

While getting ready to head out to see a movie yesterday, I realized that I’m taking more time to apply my makeup these days.  I’m also giving more consideration to the accessories that I select for the day.  Being a little self-conscious about rocking the transitioning hair styles, makeup and accessories can help deflect attention off of the hair – at least that’s my opinion.

These days I rarely go without at least applying a foundation, powder and some type of eye makeup – either shadow or liner.  I’m also trying to make sure that I keep a well groomed brow.  After ‘putting on my face’, I feel more confident wearing my transitioning hair style.  Adding the appropriate accessories hopefully adds some umph to my outfits and is a distraction from the hair.  I’m focusing a little more on color and texture these days.  Stepping outside of the box and wearing more than a diamond pendant and hoop earrings.  Nothing over the top for me but just enough to accomplish my goal.

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