Way Too Much Work

I feel exhausted as I sit here and just think about having to re-twist my hair tonight.  The upkeep on the two strand twist hairstyle requires a lot of effort in my opinion.  As I’ve stated in the past, I tend to twist fairly small sections of hair to get the max curl definition from the curl defining cream.  I suppose that the phrase ’small section’ is relative – my definition of a ‘small section’ is about a square inch or less.  My arms are tired and too much time has passed after I twist my hair.  Untwisting the sections isn’t exactly a day at the beach either. 

All I can say to anyone just embarking on the natural hair journey is to be prepared for the extra work associated with maintaining two strand twists.  I can certainly see that a flat-ironing session is in my very near future even though I hate to have to apply all that heat to my strands.  Oh well, guess that’s where the heat protectant comes in LOL.  Flat ironed hair is much easier to maintain than two strand twists in my opinion.

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6 Responses to Way Too Much Work

  1. LetmebeRae says:

    I know the feeling of it being so much work! I was lazy with my hair before I became a heatless natural so this is just so much for me still! I’m not sure if you’re talking about twist outs or just two strand twists protective style. The protective style I feel I’ve pretty much mastered even though it still takes a LONG time for me to do them. At least it can last me 3 weeks at least. Now the twist out…smh that’s still a work in progress. I’m getting better though. I’m liking that I can just do pineapples all over my head instead of retwisting. Try that out. Putting a few of those hair ties is definitely something I like doing than retwisting for bed.

    • LetmebeRae, I was referring to twist outs. I go with my safe updo hairstyle when I wear a twist out since I’m not sure that I have the volume that I’d want with a twist out. I haven’t been brave enough to wear a twist out as-is yet. Thanks for the tips…I’ll have to do my homework on those.

      • LetmebeRae says:

        Welp when u do those are great time savers. Trust me I’m trying to find and cut every corner that I cam with this hair without hendering the health of it lol

  2. Michelle murphy says:

    Preach, Sista!

  3. naturalrndqt says:


  4. KinkyLocs says:

    I’m 5yrs in and ready to cut off into a low fade. I miss my low fade

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