Greetings All! I wanted to take a few minutes to post about my rediscovery. I’ve been very frustrated with my hair for the last month or so…even teetering on returning to a relaxer. Since straight hair is much easier to maintain in my opinion, I typically go with flat-ironing to make life simple. My hair just hasn’t felt ‘right’ recently – not sure how to describe it. The ends didn’t seem to want to get straight, entire strand reverting back quickly etc etc etc. After analyzing the situation a few weeks ago, the pressing comb came to mind. That was my rediscovery – the electric pressing comb. About a year ago, I determined that the 400 degree range works for straightening my hair. It was around that same time that I stopped using my electric pressing comb since the flat iron was doing the trick in the 400 degree range. The flat iron seemed to be easier to use and faster. What I didn’t realize or appreciate at the time was the fact that the electric pressing comb is able to more thoroughly apply heat to more strands with each pass. It makes sense since the comb’s teeth get between the strands. I used a combination of the electric comb and flat-iron the past couple of attempts and have been pleased with the results. I posted a couple of pics of the recent results. I will be incorporating the electric pressing comb into my routine more often going forward. I will also be identifying a hair stylist that specializes in natural hair – doing it myself is getting old LOL.

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